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The power of a desktop in a fully portable machine

In the demanding healthcare environment, reducing time spent on administrative duties whilst allowing more time for patient care is paramount.

The TD-2130NHC offers the performance, features and media capacity of a desktop printer, but with the option to go completely portable thanks to its compact footprint, wireless functionality and rechargeable battery pack. These options offer true versatility when used in conjunction with ward trolleys allowing for increased mobility and efficiency.

A simple one-touch adjustment allows for quick and easy media installation, while the sensor automatically calibrates itself to verify media size and set the proper print density – taking the guesswork out of printing, whatever media type you’re working with.

With a wide range of optional accessories available, decision makers can reduce costs by configuring the machine to fit their specific requirement eliminating the risk of unnecessary functionality.

The TD-2130NHC uses TrustSense™ specialist media from PDC that has been developed specifically for the healthcare sector, and are available in a wide range of wristband and label sizes.

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